Treasure Coast Custom Homes

From Melbourne to West Palm Beach, RCL has been built numerous custom homes located in the heart of the idyllic Vero Beach community. The Treasure Coast division focuses mostly on luxury custom homes with an attention to cutting edge craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

RCL has won numerous awards in the Vero Beach area and has been featured in luxury publications such as LUXE Magazine, Southern Living, and Florida Homebuilder. RCL is a well known builder within the Windsor and Johns Island community since we have built and renovated over 100 homes combined there.

RCL’s difference is that we are builder specializing in masonry and wood frame construction, which has many benefits over stick building. We are expert beachfront builders and can greatly maximize the capabilities of your lot by using the latest technology in concrete construction. RCL utilizes solid commercial construction principles that are applied to the residential building process.

RCL has recently expanded its commercial development division on the Treasure Coast, where the expertise of the new CEO, John Olinger comes into play. If you are interested in building a custom home, looking to invest in RCL multifamily opportunities, have questions about investing in properties or assets while you are away, or are wanting to learn more about Vacation Rental Investment Opportunities partnerships with RCL, give us a call today.

Unique Capabilities Specific to Treasure Coast

To build beyond compromise. Sometimes it means being in the business of the impossible.

“One of our top 3 core values is doing what we say we are going to do. That’s hard to find in today’s world, but it’s a mantra we live by in this company.”

– John Olinger, CEO & Principal