April 26 2012 0comment

RCL Teams Launches Sustainable Wood Products

Experience leads to expertise – and after extensive study and working with high end homes featuring cedar shake roofs that are failing after only a few years in use, Robert Lyles sought to find a more durable solution for his homeowners. Sustainable Wood Products was born out of that research, a shingle company that provides steadfast eco-friendly options for roofing, complete with a 25-year guarantee. SWP handles Turada Hardwood shingles, manufactured from Wallaba – a dense tropical hardwood sourced from sustainably harvested logs in South America. Since Wallaba is a hardwood and not a softwood like cedar, Turada Hardwoord shingles outpace the competition in several important categories:

  • Resistant to moisture, insects and decay
  • Backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Do not require chemical treatment – green
  • Weather to beautiful, silvery patina
  • Experience little to no cupping or splitting
  • Carry the highest fire resistance rating
  • Withstood Category 5 hurricane winds
  • Specified by leading architectural firms around the world

Committed to the protection and long-term beauty of the homes he has helped craft, Lyles firmly believes that Sustainable Wood Products shingles will shield and enhance each estate they grace. In fact, the company has already earned praise and support for the push to replace cedar shake. Says noted architect, Clem Shaub,  “We have been pleased with this product and will continue to promote Turada Wood Shingles when specifying wood roofs for our clients,” speaking to the quality and sustainability of the product.